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What is Bogoo?

Bogoo is a dating platform tailored for young Chinese living in America.


On Bogoo, the quality of users is higher, everyone has a more serious attitude, and users can have more trust towards each other.


We hope that the user experience on the platform is close to that of a friend in life who helps to introduce someone, with the same sense of security and credibility.


What is the Bogoo community?


1. You can see the updates posted by yourself and the other party-both matched and unmatched users are visible


2. You can like other users’ updates-if you two haven’t matched, the other party will not know who likes their updates


3. Comments are not currently allowed


4. You can send likes directly to unmatched people-up to 3 likes can be sent from the community every day


The Bogoo community has just been launched and is constantly improving. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a message to our customer service!


How to match a date?


Bogoo will push selected potential matches to users every day at 12 am and 7 pm.


You can choose to be interested (love) or choose to dislike (the cross at the bottom left). When expressing interest, you can add comments to the photos or Q&A of potential matches, and the other party will see your comments next time they see your profile.


These potential matches may already be interested in you. At this point, you only need to click on the love in the lower right corner to complete the matching.


What is Bogoo Voting Booth?


Only by being voted by current Bogoo users can new users enter the community.

In order to create a high-quality community environment that belongs to everyone, existing Bogoo community users and officials will access and vote for new users. Only when users get enough votes can they be allowed to enter the community.

The selfie for identity verification will be reviewed by the Bogoo customer service and will not be shown to other users. Users who have passed may also be voted again to ensure the quality of the Bogoo community in real time.


What is the verification process?


1. Complete basic registration such as gender and age

2. Complete the required information and enter the voting session (4 photos + 2 questions and answers + 1 real-time selfie)

3. Waiting for the voting to be completed (it can be passed within 30 minutes at the fastest, under normal circumstances the process will not exceed 24 hours)


4. Bogoo customer service may contact you through the app at any time, so remember to turn on the notification

5. Only after getting enough passing votes can you officially enter the community to use the app


Did not pass? Please don't be discouraged, take a look at the common reasons below and see how to improve your profile!


Common reasons to fail the verification:


1. Your information is incomplete and has not yet entered the voting session (at least 4 photos + 2 questions and answers + 1 selfie)


2. Fail to pass the identity authentication (you can retry to verify the identity on the complete information page)


3. The material contains unhealthy information or photos


4. There is room for quality improvement in your profile (you can try to ask your friends for advice)


If you have any questions about the community voting, please leave a message to Bogoo customer service in the app!


What is the exclusive mode?


The one-to-one exclusivity mode is a unique function of Bogoo. Its purpose is to let everyone trust each other more, reduce interference, and understand each other more attentively.


After entering the exclusive mode, your information will no longer be visible to other users except the exclusive one you match, you can no longer match or chat with other users. After entering the exclusive mode, you can continue to chat with each other and browse each other's data. Other users who have matched with you will see that you enter the exclusive mode, and they cannot send you new messages as mentioned above.


How to enter exclusive mode?


The one-to-one exclusivity mode invitations can only be sent to users who have been matched.


Enter the chat with your favorite person, click the diamond button to send an invitation. After confirming the exclusivity invitation, the other party receives the prompt and agrees to enter the exclusivity mode.


How to exit the exclusive mode?


Enter the chat with the other party and enter the menu in the upper right corner. After confirming to cancel the exclusivity mode, the exclusivity mode will be stopped without the other party's consent, but the other party will receive a prompt. After canceling the exclusive mode, both parties immediately resume all normal functions.

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