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Bogoo Introduces New Feature:

Bogoo Voting Booth


October 21, 2020, New York, NY, United States – Bogoo, a dating app designed for the young Chinese population living overseas, introduces its new feature, Bogoo Voting Booth in October 2020. 


The new Bogoo Voting Booth aims to provide a high-quality and secure platform and improve the sense of belonging of the users, by empowering Bogoo users to decide who enters and stays in the Bogoo community. 


This feature adds to the uniqueness and the pioneer spirit of Bogoo, as Bogoo is the first Chinese dating app to adopt such functionality:

  • Current users are invited to view profiles of new users, and vote either “yes” or “no” depending on whether the profile of the new users represents a high-quality community. 

  • Each new user will be voted before they are allowed to use the app. 

  • Existing users will also be voted by others to ensure that they do not change their profile pictures into unverified photos or empty their accounts after they get passed the first time.

  • The voting process for each user could take from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

The new feature will be combined with the authentication process to decide whether users meet the quality of Bogoo community. The portal to Bogoo Voting Booth is located at the Account page inside the app. 


“We are proud to be the first Chinese dating app to add this function. It conveys a message that we always emphasize the quality of our users and our community,” says Kai Xu, co-founder and CEO of Bogoo. “We have heard very positive feedback from our users, saying that this new feature has reinforced their trust towards our app.” 


About Bogoo:

Bogoo was founded in New York in 2018. Bogoo is a high-quality dating social software based on intelligent recommendation algorithms and real-person authentication. It aims to provide a trustworthy and secure social platform for the younger generation of highly educated Chinese in North America and bring a heart-warming dating experience. For more information, please visit:

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