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The Only Approval-based Chinese Social App Bogoo Gains Popularity among Chinese Users in North America

​—An App Dedicated to Helping Chinese in North America Find Real Identity, Real Person Dates


August 6, 2020, New York, NY, United States- A new dating app, Bogoo (布咕), has gained quite a lot of popularity among the young Chinese population living in North America since its release in February 2020, with a monthly user growth rate of 50% and an App store rating of 4.7/5.

Bogoo is the first Chinese approval-based dating app dedicated to providing a high-quality dating social platform based on intelligent recommendation algorithms and real-person authentication. Differentiating itself from current Chinese dating apps, Bogoo offers various highlights for its users with three key features that are the first among similar social platforms:

-       The first Chinese dating app that requires an approval ticket as a prerequisite to use 

-       The first Chinese dating software that can connect to third-party platforms, such as Instagram and Spotify

-       The first dating app to promote one-on-one exclusivity mode

Bogoo introduces a friendly user experience to ensure the quality of conversation, including slow-paced interaction, limited high-quality recommendation per day, a modern display page of user photos, interest, Q&A and life experience, and one-on-one user services.

“It feels like a good process to examine yourself, your passion, your values, and how you’d like to project yourself,” says user Juliet Huang when asked why she gave Bogoo a five-star rating. “I like the idea that it gets people to know each other in a more sincere and mentally-connected way, unlike other platforms of this kind.”

“I am very excited to see our app has gained tremendous popularity,” says Kai Xu, the Co-founder and CEO of Bogoo, “our goal is to create a high-quality, trustable and slow-paced dating community for young Chinese living in North America looking for relationships or making new friends, where genuineness is advocated.” 


About Bogoo:

Bogoo was founded in New York in 2018. Bogoo is a high-quality dating social software based on intelligent recommendation algorithms and real-person authentication. It aims to provide a true and credible social platform for the younger generation of highly educated Chinese in North America and bring a heart-warming dating experience. For more information, please visit:

Follow us on Instagram: Bogoo

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